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Eliminate back pain and restore your wellbeing thanks to a combination of high-precision rehabilitation devices and targeted physiotherapy.

  • Non-invasive, safe and drug-free
  • Results you can measure at every session
  • 93.4% success rate in eliminating back pain (source)
  • As low as $55 per session and covered by health insurance

Back Pain Treatment
Used by Elite Athletes

But Without the High Costs

You Can Now Get the Same

"I can now do all my usual activities including playing golf twice a week without any pain. My back feels the best it has ever been...I don't have any niggles, aches or pain anymore."

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Advanced Back Pain Treatment
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Most patients feel 30% less pain halfway through their treatment.

Start Living Pain-Free
Quickly & Safely 

  • Affordable & high-quality treatment
  • Measurable progress
  • Works in 93.4% of cases*

(Normally valued at $90 )

Michael (48)

Get the Same Gold Standard Given to Our Elite Athletes

Proven to Eliminate Back Pain in 9 out of 10 People

ISO 13485 certified equipment used by top athletes

High-precision, high-calibre digital devices tailored to every inch of your spine

Designed to monitor your weaknesses and alleviate your exact pain points 

Incremental adjustments, continually recalibrated to your body & error-free

Equipped with a motivating biofeedback panel that shows your progress

Precisely targets 30 points across your spine to gently strengthen your back

Stop Wasting Time & Money

On Back Pain Treatments that Don't Last

Get the same advanced tech used
by elite athletes

Get the same advanced tech used by
elite athletes 

  • Get long-lasting pain relief from lower or upper back pain
  • Measure your progress with a biofeedback system
  • Have a specialist create your personalized program
  • Regain agility, coordination, power and strength

Whether you have been enduring chronic upper or lower back pain for decades or suffer from niggling aches and pains, our treatment will eliminate or reduce your discomfort and restore your back to its healthy state.

Examples of conditions successfully treated:

Chronic Back Pain & Sciatica
Sports Back Injuries & Accidents

Spinal Cord Compression (Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy)
Bulging & Herniated Discs


Stress Induced Tension & Stiffness
Degenerative Disorders (Spinal Stenosis)
Postoperative Situations

Chances Are We Can End Your Back Pain

With a 93.4% Success Rate Based on 47,692 Patients*

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Continually measure your progress

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I don't get back pain anymore. I can deadlift in the gym, ride my bike, and dance  at a concert without suffering  the next day.

Lucas (19)

How much does it cost?
An initial assessment by one of our certified back specialists is $90, your first four sessions are $65 each and each session thereafter is $55. In most cases, you can claim up to 80% of the cost with your private health insurance plan.

Answers to FAQs

How long does it take before my pain is eliminated?
Based on the latest study, you can expect a reduction in pain of at least 30% halfway through your treatment. Complete pain elimination typically occurs after 1 to 3 months, depending on the severity of your condition.

Is your program covered by private health insurance?
Yes. Depending on your private health insurance plan, you can claim up to 80% of the cost of treatmentmaking it extremely affordable.

How long do the results last for?
Unlike most treatments, we address the root cause of your pain which typically leads to permanent pain relief. 

How long are sessions?
A session lasts for 30 minutes, once or twice per week. You don't need to interrupt your daily schedule as no change of clothes or showering is needed.

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How does Healthy Back Solutions differ from other back pain treatments?
Whilst some back pain treatments may relieve pain to some degree, the results usually don't last. The HBS treatment is unique because it follows a scientifically-proven method that targets the root cause of your problem and fixes musculo-skeletal imbalances. This leads to a long-term solution to your pain rather than simply treating your symptoms.

Our technology allows us to precisely target and strengthen your muscles, and measure the results at every treatment. The result: over 93% of patients report total and long-term pain relief (source).

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Mitch (35)

"I struggled  with chronic back pain since 1994 and tried so many treatment  options ranging from manual therapies to Pilates and gym classes, with most offering me minimal relief and some even aggravating my back. At one point I consulted a neurosurgeon who felt spinal surgery was necessary... HBS has provided me long term and safe way to minimise my pain. I am now able to do things that I have not been able to do for years like carry the grandchildren and even work in the garden!"


Meet the HBS Team

Craig Mansfield
B. Physio (Hons), M. Physio (Sports)
APA Sports Physiotherapist

Practice Principal

Professor John Carlson
PhD (Illinois), Dip PE (Melb), MSc (Kansas)

Director of Research

Megan Goode
BAppSci (Human Movement) and GradDipExRehab

Exercise Physiologist

Chris Adkins
B. Physio
Grad Certificate Sports Physiotherapy


Main Clinic 

7 Stewart Street
Bendigo  VIC  3550


Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

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Second Clinic Phone03 5442 5288

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Central Victorian Sports Physiotherapy

Main Clinic opposite the Emergency Department of Bendigo Hospital
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 "I had constant moderate level back and neck pain... While at work I had to stand up frequently to relieve my pain. I tried everything from Osteopathy to Pilates, I had X-Rays, MRIs, and even consulted a neurosurgeon but nothing helped... After my sessions I no longer experience pain, can sit comfortably while at work and have started rollerblading and playing volleyball."

Beth (75)

Healthy Back Solutions devices are entered in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, ARTG #244352

We are a team of highly trained health professionals providing the leading evidence-based back pain treatment in Australia.

Based in Victoria, we deliver a scientifically proven back pain treatment program that is highly effective, long-lasting and safe. Our founders, Geoffrey Mackay and Professor John Carlson, have spent 30 years studying back pain treatments, travelling across the globe to assess research, equipment and treatment methods available. Their expertise has led them to treat many Australian National Sporting Teams and Geoffrey was awarded the Australian Sports Medal in 2000 for his outstanding service to the Australian Davis Cup Team. He also worked with the Australian Cricket Team and the Australian Olympic and Commonwealth Games teams.

So far, the back pain treatment employed by our clinics has been used by 517 clinics in 32 countries on 1,027,190 people.

Based on a study of 47,692 back patients who experienced complete or major pain reduction (source).


Elite Athletes:

HBS back rehabilitation devices have been used by elite athletes, as presented at the David World Research Forum Proceedings 2014.

Success Rate:

*  The measured rate of success has been found to be 93.4% when assessing pain elimination and the return to normal levels of mobility, strength and balance in a study involving 47,692 back patients (Evaluation of medical and economic effectiveness with Matthias Hoppe, Chief Training Officer, FPZ, Germany, David World Research Forum Proceedings 2014).

Pain Reduction:

 A 30% reduction in the Visual Analogue Scale for pain perception (VAS) has been observed in an Austrian study of 360 patients at the mid point of their treatment using HBS devices (Medical Exercise Therapy in Austria, Thomas Kienbacher, Karl-Landsteiner-Institut für ambulante Reha-Forschung, David World Research Forum Proceedings 2014).

Steve (55)

 "I've had constant back pain for the last 15 years. I tried to manage the pain in various ways but nothing worked. Since completing my sessions, I am pain free and my back is much more resilient.  It doesn't start spasming after a day of work and I feel stronger and more confident when surfing and cycling. I highly recommend the services offered at HBS."

Gemma (36)

"I used to struggle with reoccurring back and neck pain, particularly when seated. Treatments I tried helped to reduce the pain but did not resolve the underlying issue. HBS has resolved the problem and given me an easy and quick way to get back to health. I am now stronger and free of pain episodes."

Lana (51)

 "I aggravated my back after doing too much on the exercise bike... I tried every to help my back and hip but nothing helped. When I tried HBS, I was surprised by the ease of use and short sessions. Since completing my treatment, I no longer have back or hip pain at all. If ever I overdo anything, house work or lifting things, where normally it would have taken days to recover, I am now back to normal the very next day. "

Dan (26)

"I had a lumber disc injury which caused pain in my lower back when sitting, walking and playing sport.  I tried physio and chiro treatments with minimal results. When I tried HBS I was surprised by how weak I was when I first started, and how strong my back became over just a few sessions. I liked that I was able to see my progress every session due to the hi-tech equipment. My lower back pain is gone and I no longer have pain down my right leg. I’m even able to play football pain-free. "

Results from Some of Our Patients

Back Pain Treatment
Used by
Elite Athletes

You Can Now Get the Same

But Without the High Costs

"I can now do all my usual activities including playing golf twice a week without any pain. My back feels the best it has ever been...I don't have any niggles, aches or pain anymore."

Graham Andreson (40)
Associate Professor in Structural Biology

Michael (48)

"I can now do all my usual activities including playing golf twice a week without any pain. My back feels the best it has ever been...I don't have any niggles, aches or pain anymore."

  • Get long-lasting pain relief 
  • Measure your progress with a biofeedback system
  • Have a specialist create your personalized program
  • Regain agility, coordination, power and strength

Second Clinic

176 Barnard Street
Bendigo  VIC  3550

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Main Clinic Phone(03) 5443 1255

Second Clinic Phone03 5442 5288